Fire Sprinkler and Alarm systems such as your existing or planned system have been credited, across the nation, with saving many lives an reducing property loss.  

These systems, as required by law, are to be professionally designed, professionally installed and professionally maintained.  

The same codes require the Owner of a Fire Protection System to be responsible for proper maintenance of the system. 


To assist in Owner Awareness, A and S Fire Protection has outlined below some basic Owner Responsibilities and good things to know. 

These items are the essence of requirements extracted from National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) codes. 

Your local Authority Having Jurisdiction may require additional efforts.



Things to Know Fire Alarm Systems



Please be aware of the below basic requirements.




      Review lamps and LED indicators on panel and smoke detectors that may indicate system trouble.

      Observe wiring & terminals for signs of over-heating & corrosion.

      Do NOT touch any bare terminal or wire. LETHAL VOLTAGE MAY BE PRESENT.


      Advise all occupants whenever the system is off or impaired.

      Consider the need for a Fire Watch during system impairment.

      Advise all concerned when the system is fully restored.



      If Fire Alarm (Strobes & Horns will be pulsing) exit and confirm not a false alarm.

      Thoroughly investigate all false alarms.

      If Trouble Signal (Panel Beeper will be sounding) press BUZZER SILENCE, record information on the Display and contact your VES Authorized Dealer.

      Where some Panels require keys to operate we recommend limiting access to the Key(s) to only a few capable people.

      The Operation Manual for your Alarm Panel is located inside the Panel Door.



The staff at A and S Fire Protection, Inc. thanks you for your assistance in making our City a much safer place.

If you have any questions, please contact our Inspection Services office at 805-650-2505 for a free quote. 

Please provide a copy of this list to all personnel responsible for operating your Fire Alarm System.


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