Fire Sprinkler Types

Sprinklers vary considerably in their water flow characteristic since they are each designed for certain applications, however their basic shapes are limited to Uprights, abbreviated SSU (vertical above pipe, spraying down), Pendants, abbreviated SSP (vertical, below pipe spraying down) and Sidewalls, Horizontal (abbreviated HSW) and Vertical (VSW), both spraying horizontally. 


Spray Sprinklers serve a variety of applications but all operate individually when heat at the sprinkler is high enough to "automatically" operate a calibrated thermal link that opens the sprinkler allowing the pressurized water to spray onto the source of heat. If the first sprinkler cannot control the fire the heat will build and spread to adjacent sprinklers that will operate as needed. Although special situation/applications use sprinkler heads or nozzles that are already open such that water discharges through all the sprinklers at once, the normal "Wet" Pipe system limits the water flow to the area of high heat.


Common Sprinkler Types are shown below. They are available with Standard or Quick Response times.



         Upright                   Pendant           Horizontal Sidewall       Vertical Sidewall      Dry (Pendant shown)


Pendants' appearance/visibility can vary based on how they are mounted in ceiling 

and also the kind of cover/escutcheon plate that is allowed for the application. Sprinkler "heads" and escutcheon/covers typically are available in Brass, painted White, Black or Brass. Stainless Steel and custom colors are available. Below are samples of available Ceiling Mount Escutcheons for various Pendant Sprinklers



      Extended(401)        Semi Recess           Flush            Flush Institutional       Concealed Domed       Concealed Flat

(Click here for Color Samples)

Specialized sprinklers are available to cover more area per sprinkler, more and faster water flow and included Nozzles where the water is operated a system valve controlled by other sensing devices. Typically they are used to separate areas not otherwise able to be isolated or protected during a fire.




                                      Angle Nozzle                  Standard Nozzle                      Window Nozzle


Highly flammable areas such as Aircraft Hangers and Fuel Storage facilities use Foam Solution instead of water to control & suppress afire. These areas require different type of nozzle that are put on hoses and fixed aiming devices called Monitors.



                               Monitor                              Adjustable Monitor Nozzle            Constant Monitor Nozzle



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