Fire Sprinkler System Types

Wet Pipe System employs automatic sprinklers attached to a water-filled piping system and dispenses water immediately when any sprinkle opens. (anti-freeze required if subject to freezing weather)  Sample System & Alarm Slide Shows


Dry Pipe System employs automatic sprinklers attached to a piping system pressurized with air or nitrogen which, when released by an open sprinkler allows water pressure to open a valve and supply water to the sprinkler through the piping. (for freeze zones & hi-tech equipment)


Preaction System employs automatic sprinklers attached to a piping system filled with air that may or may not be pressurized. A supplement Detection System causes primary valve to open filling the pipe with water in anticipation that a sprinkler will open. (provides additional control/delay) Sample/typical System Devices Slide Show


Deluge System employs open sprinklers attached to an empty piping system connected to a water valve that is opened by a detection system flowing water through all sprinklers (open). (used to “flow” to an entire area simultaneously)


Combined Dry Pipe-Pre-action System provides additional control features where needed.


Chemical Systems such as Foam and Gas provide true fire suppression capabilities for areas where water may be insufficient or severely damage property being protected.


Foam is used in hazardous environments such as Aircraft Hangers and Flammables Storage.


Gas is used for protection of expensive or irreplaceable property that could be damaged by water or other chemical agents.

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