A and S FIRE PROTECTION INCORPORATED retains paper and/or electronic copies of Manuals/Technical Data Sheets for all components we install and Records for all Inspection, Test and Maintenance we perform.

We will be happy to provide you a replacement for any lost document.

Records are required for all Inspection, Test and Maintenance efforts for both Fire Sprinkler systems and Fire Alarm systems.

These Records are referenced in and, generally, samples are provided in the relevant NFPA Requirements Code or Standard. 

One intent of this Site is to illustrate the essence or provide samplings of these codes in order to help our Clients and Contractor associates to better understand the Scope of Effort and Responsibilities required in Designing, Installing and Maintaining Fire Protection Systems.

We have also attempted to convey the extensive nature of the requirements to encourage all to select an Experienced Professional to ensure your Fire Protection system is compliant and remains compliant to all applicable codes.


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